We believe that the principles of sustainability and respect for the Environment are of utmost importance in all of our activities.

Proof of this is shown in the projects that we are working on in collaboration with various organisations and institutions such as:

  • Research, Development and Innovation Project “DEVELOPING THE USE OF BUILDING AND DEMOLITION WASTE”

    Since 2010, ASTESA S.L. and the ‘Centro Tecnológico de la Región de Murcia’ (Murcia Region’s Technology Centre) are developing a project for building and demolition waste valorisation by using recycled aggregates in non-structural prefabricated concrete, in this way contributing to a sustainable development of the building activity in the Murcia Region.

    This project is partially subsidised by the ‘Instituto de Fomento de la Región de Murcia’ (Murcia Region’s Development Agency) within the Research and Development Programme.

    Additional information:

    We are studying different uses for waste such as recycled aggregates for concrete, in land-fills and sub-bases for roads, with its use being perfectly characterised and demonstrated without compromising safety by using recycled aggregates. The knowledge obtained from the project can be used by building companies, prefabrication companies, etc. to develop their products with varying percentages of recycled aggregates from BDWs, builders, prefabrication companies, etc.

    Non-structural prefabricated concrete such as curbs, cobblestones, floor tiles, blocks, slabs, etc., as well as concrete dosing for roadside ditches

  • Collaborations with the University of Valencia to make the National Guide for Recycled Aggregate
  • Collaboration agreement between CONTENEDORES ASTESA and CARTAGENA POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY to carry out research into building and demolition waste valorisation
  • Company affiliated to the ‘Asociación Nacional de Gestores de RCD GERD’ (National Association of Building and Demolition Waste Managers), that was established in 1994 in order to group together and represent the interests of companies in Spain which are dedicated to recycling building and demolition waste. http://www.gerd.es