Services: Sale of BDW aggregates

Recycled aggregate obtained from the construction debris valorisation process has different uses depending on its origin and composition. It can be used as:

  • Artificial gravel for roads
  • Recycled material for backfills, either as a drainage material or for restorations
  • Aggregates for soil cement and gravel cement
  • Aggregates in roller-compacted concrete, for concrete wearing course on side roads and service roads, or for high quality bases on roads
  • Aggregates in mass concrete, applications in structural or non-structural concrete
  • Aggregates in prefabricated items, use in concrete blocks, paving stones, concrete tiles, curbs, hollow core planks, cobblestones, chimneys, cattle grids, elements for fencing, masts and posts, street fixtures and garden products, etc.

    5/15 Gravel 5/15 Gravel
    Used in prefabricated items, gardening, ground stabilisation, backfills and bases

    0/5 Channelling Sand 0/5 Channelling Sand
    Suitable material for conduits, drainage, backfills and gardening

    15/40 Gravel 15/40 Gravel
    Use in construction as drainage, inverted roofs, insulation, wall backfills and drainage, levelling and land-fills

    0/25 All-in-one 0/25 All-in-one
    Suitable material for bases, repairing roads, forest tracks, ground improvements, car parks, land-fills, etc